Here’s a glimpse of some of the organizations and specific projects we support.

We invest our capital using three approaches to create systemic change: civic capital, seed capital, and expansion capital.

We support initiatives in three categories: opportunity, sustainability, and activation. Within each category, organizations deliver the following vital services:

  • 1. Opportunity

    Provide skills, programming, and support structures to improve educational and economic opportunity.

    • People’s Pottery Project

      Employing and empowering formerly-incarcerated women, trans and non-binary individuals through paid job training, access to a healing community, and meaningful employment through ceramics.

    • Defy Ventures

      Shifting mindsets to give people with criminal histories their best shot at a second chance through career readiness, personal development, and entrepreneurship training programs offered in prisons and in the community.

    • Lost Angels Children’s Project

      Creating opportunities to empower disadvantaged youth and young adults through innovative vocational training, creation of social enterprises, and traditional outreach programs.

    • human-I-T

      Shrinking the digital divide through increasing access to technology through device donation and recycling, connections to free and low-cost wifi, and digital training.

    • Las Fotos Project

      Elevating the voices of teenage girls and gender-expansive youth from communities of color through photography and mentoring.

  • 2. Sustainability

    Pursue environmental health through innovation at both the cause and response sides of the issue.

    • AltaSea

      Bridging gaps in STEM education to grow the Blue Tech economy and investing in sustainable aquaculture.

    • Heal the Bay

      Employing science, hands-on education, and advocacy to improve the quality of life and the health of beaches, ocean, and inland waterways.

    • Lowercarbon Capital Fund

      Backing companies that make money by slashing CO2 emissions, taking carbon out of the atmosphere, and working to slow the effects of climate change.

    • Collaborative Fund

      Providing capital for entrepreneurs pushing the world forward on climate, kids, food and agriculture, health, and money.

    • Shared Future Fund

      Investing $100,00 in 100 startups in one year with solutions aimed at addressing climate change.

    • LACI

      Bringing people together to create an inclusive green economy through empowering startups, convening partnerships, and building community.

  • 3. Activation

    Support pro-social platforms and tools for independent expression and individual mobilization.

    • XPRIZE

      Bringing about radical breakthroughs and technological development for the benefit of humanity.

    • ProPublica

      Producing investigative journalism in the public interest.

    • Los Angeles Social Justice Partners

      Amplifying the impact of local non-profit organizations through building social capital, investing in collaboration, and increasing funder engagement.

    • Kiva

      Connecting people through lending; leveraging the internet and a network of microfinance institutions to alleviate poverty around the world.

    • CicLAvia

      Catalyzing vibrant public spaces, active transportation, and good health through car-free street events in Los Angeles.

    • Unite America and Summit Impact Lab

      Launching Democracy Lab to address the structural issues hindering our democratic systems and build a more resilient, representative democracy.