The Goldhirsh Foundation's Response to COVID-19

Posted by Tara Roth on

A message from the Goldhirsh Foundation:

We hope that you, the people you serve, your teams, and your families are doing well and staying safe. We’re thinking of you.

It’s a challenging time. We understand that many of our grantees may have paused programs or pivoted to other activities in response to the current public health crisis. We want to help, so we invite current grantees to request new uses of existing budgets and funds. Accordingly, the Goldhirsh Foundation worked with our legal and finance teams to create a streamlined process for grantees to extend their current grants beyond the deadline. All grantees have been notified of this new process.

We have also postponed reporting requirements for all current grantees.

Finally, we extended the deadline for our upcoming grant applications through the My LA2050 Grants Challenge to April 3. We have not changed our funding guidelines for applications as we recognize that as we move forward, there will be an increase in need for funds for all types of social impact work. We are, however, planning to offer winning organizations the chance to amend their grant applications in June, with the information available then. We hope this flexibility helps organizations submit applications that suit your organization best.

We so appreciate all of the work that you do each and every day.

Special thank you to Southern California Grantmakers for being a leader in philanthropy and providing resources and directions to grantmakers during this time.


Tara Roth
President, Goldhirsh Foundation