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The world is brimming with innovators whose ideas can shape our region and change the world. At the Goldhirsh Foundation, we identify the brightest emerging talent and give them the tools to best support their success.

We hold ourselves to the same high standard of the talent we seek to cultivate. We are a small team, passionate about our work in social innovation. We strive to manifest that beyond our investments—by creating events and mission-driven initiatives meant to bring together thinkers and doers across a spectrum of disciplines.

The Goldhirsh Foundation has been making grants for almost a decade, but was re-launched in 2012 in Los Angeles, where the majority of our grantmaking occurs. Since 2013, the Goldhirsh Foundation has conducted a large portion of its grantmaking in Los Angeles via the annual My LA2050 Grants Challenge. Browse the more than 1,500 proposals to make Los Angeles better submitted through the grants challenges on the My LA2050 Ideas Archive.

The Team

Tara Roth

Tara Roth is the President of the Goldhirsh Foundation. Prior to this role, Tara bridged the worlds of marketing, media, and philanthropy as the founding COO of GOOD and a social strategy advisor. Tara began her career in marketing and business development for NBCinternet and Infoseek. She has worked with organizations such as Participant Media, and the New Schools Venture Fund. As a senior advisor to GOOD, Tara helped launch the Pepsi Refresh Project. Tara received a bachelor’s degree at Cornell University, and has an MBA from Oxford University where she was awarded a Skoll scholarship in social entrepreneurship. Tara is a member of the L.A. Sustainability Leadership Council, the Lyft City Works Advisory Council and the Instil Product Advisory Council. Tara serves on the board of the Ad Council, Southern California Grantmakers, USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, and UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture. She previously sat on the regional advisory boards of Opportunity Fund and 826LA and was a Senior Fellow at USC’s Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab.

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Claire Hoffman

Claire Hoffman is a Director of the Goldhirsh Foundation. She writes for national magazines, covering culture, celebrity, religion, business, and whatever else seems interesting. She has a master’s degree in religion from the University of Chicago, and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. Her daughters, Josie and Vivian, sit firmly at the center of her universe.

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Ben Goldhirsh

Ben Goldhirsh is the co-founder and former CEO of GOOD, a global community of, by, and for pragmatic idealists working towards individual and collective progress. Ben is the Chairman of The Goldhirsh Foundation, an organization built to help social innovators implement and scale solutions to critical societal challenges. He is a co-founder and board member of City Year Los Angeles and previously served on the board of the Ad Council. Goldhirsh graduated from Brown University.

LeAnn Kelch

LeAnn Kelch is the Social Innovation Manager at the Goldhirsh Foundation. She graduated with a B.A. in International Development Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles and received her Master’s in Urban Planning and Master’s in Public Administration from the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy. She currently serves as Communications Co-Chair for the Los Angeles Chapter of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy. LeAnn is passionate about advancing work that breaks barriers and promotes the thriving of all people in Los Angeles.

Jake Bishop

Jake Bishop is the Assistant to the President at the Goldhirsh Foundation. He recently graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Political Science from Chapman University. Jake is passionate about creating a more just society where everyone has equal opportunities no matter how they identify.

Jeremy Rosenberg

Jeremy Rosenberg is the Communications Strategist at the Goldhirsh Foundation. Jeremy is an innovative communications executive and cross-platform storyteller with a wide range of non-profit, media, and civic-centric experiences. He served as Assistant Dean, Public Affairs and Special Events, at the USC Annenberg School; Vice President, Communications and Marketing, at the LA84 Foundation; and as an online editor and columnist for the Los Angeles Times. His non-fiction books about LA include “Under Spring,” “Kickoff Concussion,” and “No Man is An Island.”

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Mana Koike

Mana Koike is the Design Fellow at the Goldhirsh Foundation. She recently graduated with a B.S. in Product Design from ArtCenter College of Design. Mana is passionate about creating inspiring visual experiences that are true to the brand philosophy.


To contact the Goldhirsh Foundation, email [email protected].

November 15 2021
Parks and green spaces are vital for neighborhoods, so why aren’t there more?
In the Los Angeles Times, Goldhirsh Foundation President Tara Roth discusses LA2050’s metric for park accessibility.
August 4 2021
Ambitious projects take root at historic Griffith Park nursery
2021 My LA2050 grantee, City Plants, is featured in The Eastsider for its free trees program.
July 21 2021
Food truck rental company helping entrepreneurs make a fresh start
2021 My LA2050 grantee, On The Go LA, is highlighted by Spectrum News 1 as the first place winner in the My LA2050 Grants Challenge in the CREATE category
July 7 2021
Three Eastside organizations were among the recipients of $1 million in grants intended to make L.A. a better place
2021 My LA2050 grantees Las Fotos, People’s Pottery Project, and City Plants are highlighted as winners in the My LA2050 Grants Challenge
July 7 2021
Urban gardener Jamiah Hargins bringing fresh produce to South LA
Jamiah Hargins, founder of 2020 grantee Crop Swap LA, discusses his work creating the Asante Microfarm by using a My LA2050 grant
July 6 2021
80,000+ Votes; $1M in Grants Awarded
25 Social Impact Organizations are Winners of the My LA2050 Grants Challenge
June 21 2021
Public voting begins to select winners in the 2021 My LA2050 Grants Challenge
The voting period beings in the 2021 My LA2050 Grants Challenge
June 24 2021
Fund For Guaranteed Income’s Compton Pledge Initiative Selected as La2050 Finalist
2021 My LA2050 grantee, Compton Pledge, is highlighted in the LA Sentinel during voting in the 2021 My LA2050 Grants Challenge
May 25 2021
This South L.A. startup will turn your front lawn into a farm
2020 My LA2050 grantee, Crop Swap LA, is featured for its model of turning front lawns into community gardens.
May 13 2021
‘Microfarms’ come to South L.A. frontyards, bringing fresh produce to food deserts
2020 My LA2050 grantee, Crop Swap LA, discusses how it used grant funds to pilot a microfarm model and combat food insecurity.
Feb 12 2021
$1M My LA2050 Grants Challenge Launches
Goldhirsh Foundation’s LA2050 Initiative Makes Open Call for 25 Impactful Ideas. Read more
Jan 30 2020
Launching the Seventh My LA2050 Grants Challenge
$1,000,000 to make LA the best place to learn, create, connect, play, and live Read more
Sept 4 2019
Happy Birthday, LA!
In honor of our city’s birthday we asked 26 leaders, doers, and innovators to share their birthday wish for the City of Angels. Read more
Aug 4 2019
How This Entrepreneur Survived A Traumatic Brain Injury And Now Runs A Barber College For Homeless Students
2016 My LA2050 grantee, Covenant House California, is highlighted for its Building Precise Barber College program Read more
Jun 4 2019
My LA2050 $1 Million Grants Challenge Winners Announced
Today, the Goldhirsh Foundation announces the winners for its annual My LA2050 Grants Challenge, a $1 million online crowdsourced competition for creative ideas that shape the future of LA. Read more
Jul 9 2018
And the My LA2050 Winners Are…
Today, the Goldhirsh Foundation has announced the winners of the 2018 My LA2050 Activation Challenge, an open call for ideas designed to activate 100,000 Angelenos to make LA the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. Read more
May 26 2018
Stockton’s Young Mayor has Bold Turnaround Plan: Basic Income and Stipends for Potential Shooters
Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs says that for way too long, his city has been known for headlines about bankruptcy, violent crime and the housing collapse. In the future, he wants it to be known as a place willing to test bold solutions. Read more
Nov 20 2017
Forget the GOP Tax Plan. Stockton Has a Real Solution for Poverty – Free Money
Republicans in Congress certainly talk a good game about helping the poor and middle class, arguing, however unconvincingly, that their rewrite of the tax code will amount to more than just a giveaway to the rich. But all their shameless maneuvering is really doing is making once-crazy, semi-socialistic economic ideas, such as universal basic income, seem sane. Read more

More Press

Nov 16 2017
Foundation Provides Additional $250,000 to Stockton Basic Income Program
A $1 million “basic income” experiment in Stockton has received an additional $250,000 contribution, Mayor Michael Tubbs’ office announced Thursday afternoon. The Goldhirsh Foundation announced it will match up to $250,000 in donations to Stockton’s recently revealed basic income program, which has been dubbed the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED). Read more
Oct 18 2017
Stockton to Pilot ‘Basic Income’ Experiment
A consortium of policy experts, researchers and academics has awarded $1 million to Stockton to fund an experiment that aims to assess the social benefits of providing a guaranteed monthly income for one or more years to a tiny segment of the city’s residents, Mayor Michael Tubbs announced Wednesday. Read more
Oct 18 2017
3 Years Ago, Stockton, California, was Bankrupt. Now It’s Trying Out a Basic Income.
Next year, a random sample of the 300,000 residents of Stockton, a port city in California’s Central Valley, will get $500 per month ($6,000 a year) with no strings attached. It’s the latest test of a policy known as basic income, funded not out of city revenues but by individual and foundation philanthropy. Read more
Oct 17 2017
A California City is Launching the First US Experiment in Basic Income — and Residents Will Get $6,000 a Year
Stockton, California is expected to become the first US city to launch an experiment in universal basic income, a system of wealth distribution in which people receive a set amount of money just for being alive. Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs said that by August 2018 he hopes to enroll an undisclosed number of Stockton’s 315,000 residents in the program. Read more
Oct 5 2017
Why You Should Be Highly Optimistic If You Want To Be Successful
Ben Goldhirsh, CEO of Good Worldwide, reiterates the importance of optimism in accomplishing goals. When discussing optimism, your “expectations kind of dictate outcomes,” he says. “People are hungry to see their expectations elevated.” Read more
Jul 5 2017
How Annenberg Tech turns LA Geeks into Philanthropists
AnnenbergTech introduces those in the industry to the concept of local citizenship, and—when they strike it really rich—to philanthropy. Read more
Apr 18 2017
LA2050 and PVBLIC Foundation
PVBLIC Foundation works strategically to pair media space with non-profits at local, national and global levels, using emerging technologies to amplify non-profits and their messages. As described in this case study, LA2050 collaborated with PVBLIC to produce My LA2050 winner bus benches across the city. Read more
Apr 12 2017
A Multi-Pronged Approach to Impact Investing for Family Foundations
PhilanTopic addresses important issues and challenges in philanthropy and impact. In this piece, Tara Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation, weighs in on early-stage investing, donor-advised funds, and social entrepreneurs. Read more
Feb 8 2017
GOOD Lab Report: Leaders from Common Pool,, and Johnson & Johnson Discuss Competitions for Social Impact
Competitions have emerged as a creative means by which corporations, foundations, universities, and even the government can engage innovators and generate breakthrough solutions. GOOD Lab: New York City assembled 65 multi sector leaders to discuss the ins and outs of competitions for impact—their types, opportunities, challenges, and trends. Read more
Jan 6 2017
LA Review of Books: Quarterly Journal Fall 2016
The new issue of the LARB Quarterly Journal is dedicated to the writers and artists of Los Angeles. Get your print or digital copy today! Read more
Jan 3 2017
My LA2050: Las iniciativas para un mejor Los Ángeles
La Opinion features some of the 2016 My LA2050 winners. Read more
Jan 3 2017
Can a $100,000 grant revive the Triforium, L.A.’s ‘weird, strange beacon’?
Will the team behind the Triforium Project be able to navigate the hurdles that confounded the sculpture over 40 years ago? Read more
Dec 31 2016
2016 Techweek 100
The Techweek100 celebrates individuals and companies for their leadership, innovation, and support of the local tech ecosystem. Selected by the Techweek community, the list recognizes the most distinguished members of the burgeoning tech community in each city. The Goldhirsh Foundation was selected in the “Cultivators” category, which includes 25 VCs, incubators, educational institutions, and other organizations that support and enable the tech ecosystem Read more
Dec 7 2016
The Most Controversial Public Sculpture in the City Is Getting a $100,000 Upgrade
Love it and/or hate it, the Triforium is finally going to live up to everything it was envisioned for—as a gathering place, as an interactive public artwork, as a blazing rainbow beacon of downtown as a place of progress and vitality. The sculpture is getting a triumphal return to the tune of $100,000, won through the LA2050 grant competition. The money will be used to replace the mostly burnt-out bulbs behind the handmade Italian glass prisms with working LEDs, update the wiring and computer system that runs the thing, and develop an app people can use to compose music for the Triforium to play. Read more
Dec 7 2016
Goldhirsh Foundation Awards $1 Million in Grants to 12 L.A.-Area Organization
The Goldhirsh Foundation announced winners for its annual My LA2050 Grants Challenge Tuesday, a $1 million grant competition to source creative ideas about shaping the future of Los Angeles. The 12 winning organizations will receive grants ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to implement projects in 2017 designed around themes that make Los Angeles the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. Read more
Dec 6 2016
San Pedro, Long Beach Projects Win Grant Awards for 2017
AltaSea, the marine research campus being built at San Pedro’s outer harbor, has received a $100,000 award for its STEM program through the My LA2050 Grants Challenge. Covenant House California also will receive $100,000, in partnership with a barber in Long Beach. Read more
Dec 6 2016
Goldhirsh Foundation gives $1M in grants via My LA2050 Grants Challenge
Today, the Goldhirsh Foundation announced winners for its annual My LA2050 Grants Challenge, a $1M competition to source creative ideas about shaping the future of Los Angeles. The 12 winning organizations will receive grants ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to implement projects in 2017 that make Los Angeles the best place to learn, create, play, connect, and live. Read more
Dec 12 2016
Goldhirsh Foundation Gives $1M in Grants via My LA2050 Grants Challenge
12 organizations participating in crowdsourced and crowd-voted challenge selected as winners to receive grants ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to better Los Angeles. Read more
Nov 17 2016
UCLA Groups Enter Grant Competition to Improve LA for the Future
The Daily Bruin covers two UCLA-affiliated groups that applied for the 2016 My LA2050 Grants Challenge. Read more
Oct 21 2016
My LA2050 Wants to Make Sure Los Angeles Grows Creatively
Mitú writes about the LA2050 initiative as they promote their submission for the 2016 My LA2050 Grants Challenge. Their proposal, the mitú Accelerator, seeks out the best and freshest Latino talent a chance to create the kind of content that has long been missing: Latino talent. The mitú Accelerator also offers mentorship of up and coming Latino content creators. Read more
Oct 17 2016
20 Of Our Favorite Events In Los Angeles This Week
LA2050’s Read more
Sep 29 2016
Leading from the Heart, C-Suite Quarterly
Tara Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation, tells C-Suite Quarterly Magazine how she sees Los Angeles as the epicenter for innovation and social entrepreneurship. Read more
Sep 21 2016
LA2050 and Crowdsourcing Philanthropy for LA’s Future, USC Price Bedrosian Center
This episode of USC Bedrosian’s LA#itself podcast features a conversation with Angie Jean-Marie, Social Innovation and Marketing Manager at the Goldhirsh Foundation, and her predecessor Shauna Nep, Senior Philanthropic Advisor at Fundamental. Jean-Marie and Nep discuss the origins for the the Goldhirsh Foundation’s crowdsourcing approach for philanthropy, the inherent opportunities and challenges, and how LA2050’s staff makes annual micro-adjustments to capitalize on Goldhirsh’s long-term funding agenda. Read more
Sep 16 2016
Grand Park New: ‘Paper Airplane’ Canopy
“Paper Airplanes” is a public art installation that debuted in Grand Park on Tuesday, Sept 13, 2016. This installation was made possible by 2015 My LA2050 grant winner, Grand Park. Read more
Sep 9 2016
LA’s big plan to change the way we move, CurbedLA
The City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation have released Urban Mobility in the Digital Age, a new report that provides a roadmap for the city’s transportation future. The report is the first by a city in nation to reveal how it will make shared, self-driving vehicles a key part of its public transit future. The report was the product of an LADOT fellowship funded by the Goldhirsh Foundation, and addresses the city’s plan to combine self-driving vehicles with on-demand sharing services to create a suite of smarter, more efficient transit options. Read more
Sep 8 2016
Tech Roundup: IPO Frenzy Hits LA, LA2050 Kicks Off and More, Built in LA
Built in LA, Los Angeles’ hub for tech news and startup jobs, featured the 2016 My LA2050 Grants Challenge in its Tech Roundup. Read more
Aug 2 2016
How to Survive in LA Without Driving, PC Magazine
Ashley Z. Hand, the Transportation Technology Strategist fellow funded by the Goldhirsh Foundation, tells PC Magazine how her role is creating a city-wide strategy to build a tech-savvy transportation system for Angelenos. Read more
Jul 6 2016
The 100 Best Non-Profit Website Designs of 2016, everyaction
The Goldhirsh Foundation’s website was named one of the 100 best non-profit website designs of 2016. Read more
Jun 9 2016
2,040 LAUSD Students Registered to Vote Ahead of Primary
Through a #PartyatthePolls LA2050 Grant, the United Way dispersed $500 to schools for activities to encourage high school students to register and vote. The activities varied at each school and included rallies, DJs, cookies, posters and raspados. About 2,040 LA Unified students registered to vote at 28 schools, according to data from the United Way. About 60 percent of those students were eligible to vote in Tuesday’s primary; some were not yet 18 years old but could pre-register. Read more
Jun 7 2016
Did you vote? Celebrate democracy with a
The city-wide LA2050 initiative is hosting the final events of their Read more
Jun 3 2016
A Big Southern California Funding Partnership Worth Talking About, Inside Philanthropy
The Annenberg Foundation and Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation’s involvement in the My LA2050 Grants Challenge is big news, not just because of the additional funding but also because more Southern California funders are being drawn to a more democratic form of philanthropy. Read more
May 26 2016
50 influential people in LA tech you should on Twitter, Built in LA
Goldhirsh Foundation president, Tara Roth, is featured in article listing leaders from LA’s tech and startup community. Read more
May 17 2016
ComNetwork LA: An Evening with Tara Roth
Tara Roth was the honored speaker for the Communications Network LA Leadership Group. Roth, interviewed by Angie Jean-Marie, spoke about bridging the worlds of marketing, media, and philanthropy throughout her career. Roth also shared insights about the power of social sector communications to spark innovation and how storytellers can help shape a better future for Los Angeles. Read more
May 6 2016
Announcing $1.4 million in support for cities and sustainability through Partners for Places
Goldhirsh Foundation grantee, People for Parks, was selected by the Funders Network to receive a $75,000 matching grant which leverages the award received via the My LA2050 Grants Challenge to support their community school parks project. Read more
May 4 2016
FOUNDATION WORK: Entry Points, Barriers and Funding
Tara Roth, President of the Goldhirsh Foundation, and Lee Davis, Co-Director, Center for Social Design, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), join 84 thought-leaders who contributed to Designmatters at ArtCenter’s newest publication, LEAP Dialogues, a first of its kind book that explores the new career pathways in social innovation for designers. Read more
Mar 28 2016
Liberty Hill to Honor Benjamin Goldhirsh with the Upton Sinclair Award
Goldhirsh Foundation chairman, Ben Goldhirsh is recognized by Liberty Hill and presented the Upton Sinclair Award, an award for those who, like the muckraking journalist Sinclair, combine their talents and beliefs to advance social justice. Read more
Mar 9 2016
Los Angeles Philanthropic Partnership Announces $600,000 in Additional Grants to My LA2050 Participants
Roy and Patricia Disney, Annenberg, and Goldhirsh family foundations collaborate to invest more than $1.6 million to support social sector innovation in Los Angeles, and pilot program to prepare next generation philanthropists Read more
Jan 19 2016
Can We Build a Better Los Angeles by 2050, Caring Magazine
The role of community feedback in cultivating a more sustainable future. Read more
Dec 31 2015
LA2050 Renews Civic Engagement in Los Angeles, 2015 Grant Winners Announced, KCET
KCET’s Adriana Widdoes writes about the winners of the 2015 My LA2050 Grants Challenge and the LA2050 initiative’s broader efforts to renew civic engagement in Los Angeles. Read more
Dec 10 2015
LA2050 2015 Winners, Get Downtown
Get Downtown, a Downtown Los Angeles cultural and arts guide, congratulates all of the 2015 My LA2050 winners, particularly praising the Los Angeles Review of Books. With the LA2050 grant, LARB will be profiling one Los Angeles artist or writer every day for one year. Read more
Dec 8 2015
My LA2050 Announces Winners of $1 Million Grant Competition, The Hollywood Reporter
Winning programs have industry ties to such names as Mark Gordon, Norman Lear and actress Amy Smart. Read more
Dec 8 2015
And the My LA2050 Winners Are…
LA2050 announces $100,000 awards to 10 winners of the My LA2050 Grants Challenge Read more
Oct 20 2015
$1 Million Up for Grabs: Cast Your Vote for Your Favorite Ideas Shaping LA’s Future
LA2050 welcomes Angelenos to vote in the My LA2050 Grants Challenge and help organizations win $100,000 to shape the future of Los Angeles. Read more
Sep 14 2015
Designing the City of our Dreams, Vator
Goldhirsh Foundation president, Tara Roth, on how startups in Los Angeles foster ideation and civic activation and incubate solutions to pressing challenges. Read more
Aug 18 2015
Mayor Garcetti Appoints Transportation Strategist at LADOT Supported by Grant from Goldhirsh Foundation
Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the appointment of Ashley Z. Hand as the transportation technology strategist fellow at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). The fellowship is funded through a grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation. Read more
Jul 24 2015
The Seven Most Innovative Philanthropists in Los Angeles, Starfish Impact
Goldhirsh and its LA2050 initiative featured among top philanthropic thinkers in Los Angeles that inspire with creativity and impact. Read more
Jul 20 2015
Resources At USC, Silicon Beach & Online That Can Help You Become The Next Unicorn, Medium
Goldhirsh Foundation and LA2050 listed among resources to help support entrepreneurship in Silicon Beach and throughout Los Angeles. Read more
Jul 14 2015
New LA2050 Report, Vision for a Successful Los Angeles
Today, LA2050 released its latest findings in LA2050: Vision for a Successful Los Angeles. This report is the second in a series of publications that comprehensively measure the quality of life in Los Angeles County. LA2050, an initiative of the Goldhirsh Foundation, drives and tracks progress toward building a better future for the Los Angeles region. Read more
Jun 24 2015
L.A. City Hall Seeks to Fill Special Position on Transportation Technology, Route 50
Route 50’s Neil Ungerleider checked in with Goldhirsh Foundation’s President, Tara Roth, to discuss the foundation’s investment in the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Transportation Technology Advisor. Read more
Jun 15 2015
How Outdoor Civic Venues Are Being Adapted for Events, Goldhirsh Foundation’s LA2050 Event at Grand Park as a Case Study
Forward-thinking cities are building event-friendly amenities into outdoor space at public venues. Read more
Jun 5 2015
Tara Roth featured on BBC News Business Matters
Tara Roth joins BBC News Business Matters to talk about the Goldhirsh Foundation’s work in Los Angeles supporting social innovation. Read more
May 29 2015
Tara Roth, President of the Goldhirsh Foundation, featured in Vator TV
Check out a full video of Vator Splash LA 2014: “Technology and the LA Culture,” with panelists: Nate Redmond of Rustic Canyon; Rob Kornegay of Wilson Sonsini; Peter Marx of City of LA; Ashish Soni of USC Viterbi School of Engeineering, Viterbi Startup Garage & VSi2; Eva Ho of Susa Ventures; and Tara Roth of Goldhirsh Foundation, LA2050; with moderator Kevin Winston, Founder of Digital LA. Read more
May 13 2015
LA Downtown News: Pershing Square Playgrounds Break Ground
Representatives from the city Department of Recreation and Parks, the Pershing Square Park Advisory Board and the Goldhirsh Foundation’s LA2050 Campaign joined LA City Councilman Jose Huizar to commemorate the groundbreaking of two new children’s playgrounds. Read more
May 7 2015
Goldhirsh Foundation supported LADOT Fellowship featured in Fast Company
Los Angeles, the city that is synonymous with car culture, is getting a citywide advisor on autonomous vehicles, rideshares, and bicycles. The new position at Los Angeles’s Department of Transportation will be a year-long fellowship made possible by a grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation. Read more
Apr 30 2015
Twitter makes a stop at Incubator School, an LA2050 grantee
null Read more
Apr 30 2015
Groups work to turn South LA lots into children’s playgrounds
LA2050 grantees Trust for Public Land and Community Health Council’s LA Open Acres are featured in this story on KPCC. Read more
Apr 29 2015
Los Angeles Community Impact hosts Spring Showcase featuring Shauna Nep
USC’s Los Angeles Community Impact hosted its Spring Showcase, the culmination of the organization’s semester-long consulting projects on Wednesday. Shauna Nep, director of community and innovation at the Goldhirsh Foundation, discussed what Goldhirsh Foundation calls the five points along the “circuitous path of innovation”: necessity, hustle, storytelling, unusual suspects and the reflective incubation period. Read more
Apr 17 2015
Tara Roth interviewed by Lioness Magazine
With a staff of only four full-time employees, along with some contractors and interns, the Goldhirsh Foundation is making incredible strides to work toward its mission of supporting personal innovation in Los Angeles. Read more
Apr 16 2015
Risk-Taking Philanthropy Work Can Make a Big Urban Impact, Next City Profiles Shauna Nep
Next City profiles Shauna Nep, Director of Community and Innovation at the Goldhirsh Foundation. Read more
Apr 13 2015
L.A. saving water but still has a long way to go, Los Angeles Times
UCLA institute gives Los Angeles County a ‘C’ for its management of water supply and water quality, and researchers find that L.A. County’s potable water use is still almost twice as high as average European city. Read more
Apr 8 2015
UCLA gives Los Angeles County’s environment C+ grade, Los Angeles Sun Times
“UCLA’s report card fills a gap in what we know about the county,” said Tara Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation. “It gives the public and policymakers evidence of where improvement is needed, as well as a framework to talk about it. Our hope is that it leads to broader decision-making and policies to improve the county as a whole, not just one community at a time.” Read more
Apr 7 2015
UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s Environmental Report Card, KCRW
Tune in to learn more about UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s Environmental Report Card for the LA region. Read more
Apr 7 2015
UCLA’s Environmental Report Card, Good Day LA
Coverage of UCLA IoES’ Environmental Report Card for LA County. Read more
Apr 7 2015
UCLA Study Rates L.A. a C+, Los Angeles Business Journal
Los Angeles County has work to do when it comes to the environment, according to a UCLA study released on Tuesday that rates the county’s environmental performance as a C+. Read the coverage on LABJ. Read more
Apr 7 2015
LA’s environment report card shows average results, KPCC
The Goldhirsh Foundation and LA2050 were proud to partner on Los Angeles’ first environmental report card is out. Listen to the interview with Mark Gold on KPCC. Read more
Mar 4 2015
Stana Katic’s Alternative Travel Project And Metro Take On Women’s Safety Issues, LAist featuring Shauna Nep
The ATP and Metro-sponsored event focused on safety issues, upcoming Metro projects, and ways the public can get involved to improve the transportation system in Los Angeles. Shauna Nep, director of Community & Innovation at the Goldhirsh Foundation, talked about a “culture shift” away from home- and car-ownership for millennials and how more are opting for car-free lifestyles (as well as Uber and Lyft). Read more
Mar 3 2015
LA is more than halfway to its goal of 50 new, small parks, KPCC featuring Trust for the Public Land
Since 2012, when officials announced a plan to build 50 new, mostly small parks in some of L.A.’s most crowded neighborhoods, the city has completed 29. They are partnering with nonprofits like the L.A. Neighborhood Land Trust and the Trust for Public Land to build the parks and in some cases maintain them for several years before the city takes over. Read more
Feb 16 2015
10 skill-sets every entrepreneur must have, according to 3 LA executives, featuring Tara Roth
Be Passionate. Be Authentic. Stay Committed. Our own Tara Roth talked to Built in LA about the skill-sets every entrepreneur must have. Read more
Jan 22 2015
Moving LA toward Water Independence
Goldhirsh Foundation grantee UCLA IoES speaks to KCRW about the future of water. Read more
Jan 14 2015
The Angeleno Who Got CicLAvia Rolling Doesn’t Just Produce Festivals; He Aims to Reshape L.A., featuring Aaron Paley
A rare in-depth interview with the founder of Goldhirsh Foundation grantee Ciclavia’s Aaron Paley. Read more
Jan 8 2015
Inspirational school libraries from around the world, Locke High School
From a story garden in Cornwall to hexagonal towers in Los Angeles, The Guardian looks at inventive spaces designed to get children excited about books. Featuring LA2050 grantee No Right Brain Left Behind’s Locke Jet Space at Locke High School. Read more
Jan 7 2015
How do you turn a tagger into an entrepreneur?, Streetcraft L.A., KPCC
Bobby Rodriguez used to do illegal graffiti all over Southern California. With the help of Streetcraft L.A., he now gets legal work, like this mural on the Santa Monica pier. Read more
Jan 5 2015
By Planting Seeds in His Neighborhood, This Man Got America Talking About Food Deserts, Ron Finley
A beautiful feature of Goldhirsh Foundation grantee Ron Finley on TakePart. Read more
Nov 20 2014
The Smartest Cities In The World, Fast Company
These cities that are doing the best at embracing the future are focusing on improving technology, equality, sharing, civic participation, and more. LA2050 compiled the data for Los Angeles. Read more
Nov 4 2014
Making Alleys a Place for Play, Next City
If the Trust for Public Land LA2050 project is scaled, it could have a substantial impact on Los Angeles’ urban fabric and 900 miles of alleys. Read more
Oct 29 2014
She gives away millions at dream job, Larchmont Chronicle
What would you do if someone asked you to help distribute $1 million? Read Tara’s story on Page 25 of the Larchmont Chronicle. Read more
Oct 21 2014
Windsor Square’s Tara Roth Behind LA2050, Larchmont Buzz
Suddenly this fall, it seemed the LA2050 Challenge was everywhere. We were sent emails and stopped on the street – vote for a project that will better life in LA. Given one vote and so many potentially great projects, it was hard to understand where this was all coming from. Who was behind LA2050? Read more
Oct 10 2014
Celebrate L.A. from Luis Rodriguez to the San Gabriels, KCET
LA2050 organized an epic party celebrating the city in Grand Park. This week L.A. Letters spotlights each of these people and events to reveal the rising spirit across Los Angeles in October 2014. Read more
Oct 8 2014
L.A. Designer: LA2050′s Tara Roth Talks about Crowdsourcing Civic Improvement, KCRW DNA
There was a time when cities were largely shaped by powerful planners and politicians, developers and philanthropists. Now increasingly the wisdom of the crowds is being tapped, through crowdsourcing initiatives made widely accessible through the internet. Read more
Oct 2 2014
It’s OK, CEOs are allowed to laugh too, Smart Business Magazine
Humor can be a powerful management tool. Humor reminds us of our collective humanity and renders even the worst decision tolerable. Although humor can manifest itself in widely different ways, humor is a trait shared across all cultures, ages and genders. Read more
Sep 30 2014
Young L.A. Is the Real Winner of LA2050, CityLab
Today, the foundation behind LA2050—an initiative to draft a comprehensive road map for the city’s future—announced the winners of this year’s My LA2050 Grants Challenge, a funding competition with a difference: The public got to choose five of the 10 winners, who will share a $1 million bounty. Read more
Sep 26 2014
You Asked, They Answered L.A. leaders and city activists answer virtual questions at LA2050 and The Atlantic’s Twitter party online, The Atlantic
LA2050 and The Atlantic hosted a virtual Twitter party to kickoff the conversation about discovering urban solutions to global problems taking place at this year’s CityLab event. Read more
Sep 16 2014
Tara Roth Could Make L.A.’s Dreams Come True, LA Woman of the Year, LA Magazine
The president of Goldhirsh Foundation launched LA2050, a civic advocacy program that invests in the future of L.A. Read more
Sep 2 2014
LA2050 Opens Online Voting for 2014 Grants Challenge, The Hollywood Reporter
LA2050 — an initiative backed by the Goldhirsh Foundation — has opened online voting for its 2014 Grants Challenge, which will see a total of $1 million doled out and distributed evenly among 10 winning submissions. Read more
Jun 2 2014
Mayor Garcetti Addresses Gentrification Concerns Along L.A. River, KCET
Right on the heels of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s triumphant announcement of the $1-billion investment on the Los Angeles River, came concerns of longtime residents being pushed out in favor of developers looking to turn a profit on what is now prime real estate. Read more
May 1 2014
The best and brightest of Los Angeles are hard at work planning the city’s future, Smart Business Magazine
LA2050 is an initiative to create a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles, and to drive and track progress toward that vision. Read more
Apr 28 2014
#LA2050Listens, LA Commons, Community art project to offer ideas on how to improve MacArthur Park, Los Angeles Times
The #LA2050Listens event, called Story Summit, was organized by L.A. Commons, a community program that uses art to give a voice to underrepresented areas. This particular gathering featured Aztec dancers, arts and crafts workshops and free tamales. Read more
Mar 13 2014
How a city created a roadmap to a brighter future, PSFK
In 2013, the Goldhirsh Foundation launched LA2050, an initiative to create a shared vision for the future of Los Angeles, and to drive and track progress toward that vision. LA2050 looked at the health of the region through eight key indicators and made informed projections about where Los Angeles would be in the year 2050 if the city continued operate and the people continued to live as they are now. Read more
Mar 12 2014
LA2020 v. LA2050: The Battle Over L.A.’s Future, Los Angeles Magazine
Run by the Goldhirsh foundation, LA2050’s hope is to create a shared vision of L.A.’s future by fostering a collaborative climate among Angelenos. Read more
Mar 12 2014
A brighter vision of LA’s future, KCRW
A new report that looks farther into LA’s future says there is unlimited potential in LA that needs to be “unleashed.” Read more
Mar 4 2014
What LA’s future could be if money and politics weren’t issues, KPCC
From small ideas to big, a look now at what a vision for LA’s own future could look like with Tara Roth, president of the Goldhirsh Foundation. Read more
Dec 20 2013
A Field Guide To Innovation In Los Angeles, PSFK
In L.A. innovating means providing a better quality of life for the city’s inhabitants across public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Read more
Sep 19 2013
Get to know the Goldhirsh Foundation, KCRW
The Goldhirsh Foundation was among the first KCRW supporters to invest in the Independent Producer Project. For the past two years the Foundation has provided grant funding that allows KCRW to provide financial and production support to some of public media’s most innovative independent storytellers. Read more
Jul 1 2013
Prophet Margin, An Interview with Ben Goldhirsh, Los Angeles Magazine
Ben Goldhirsh, the founder of Good Worldwide, is putting his millions toward making L.A. a better place—and to making a buck. Read more
May 16 2013
Connie Butler of MoMA goes to Hammer Museum as new chief curator, Los Angeles Times
After more than a year-long search, the Hammer Museum has hired Connie Butler, currently the chief curator of drawings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, as its chief curator. Read more
May 8 2013
Winners of $1 million in grants to improve L.A. announced, Los Angeles Times
A Los Angeles charitable group that conducted an online poll to determine which of 279 nominated nonprofit and private companies should share in a $1-million prize announced its winners Wednesday. Read more
May 8 2013
Announcing the winners of the LA2050 project, KPCC
The LA2050 project by the Goldhirsh Foundation asked organizations across the city what they would do to shape the future of Los Angeles. Read more
May 8 2013
2050 LA Will Be Doing So Much More With Its Underused Space, Curbed LA
The votes have been counted and KPCC has the list of 10 projects that are going to make Los Angeles super awesome in 2050. Well, hopefully. The projects are all winners in the LA2050 competition and get to split $1 million in prize money–the competition fielded 270 ideas that might make LA a better place in 37 years, and pledged to give $100,000 to the top vote-getter in each of eight categories, plus two additional wildcard projects chosen by the sponsoring Goldhirsh Foundation. Read more
Apr 16 2013
My LA2050: Project Proposals For A Better Los Angeles, Los Angeles Magazine
Along with The Goldhirsh Foundation, GOOD (whose co-founder and CEO happens to be Ben Goldhirsh), has launched the My LA2050 project, a “community-owned mechanism” designed to reimagine L.A.’s future. With the help of experts, academics, practitioners, and supporters, The Goldhirsh Foundation will fund ten Angeleno-submitted project proposals with one million in grants. Read more