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It’s Time to Test and Learn. That’s Why We’re Matching $250,000 to SEED.

SINCE ITS INCEPTION, the Goldhirsh Foundation has had a strong track record of supporting innovative models for economic mobility that increase access to capital and promote inclusive entrepreneurship, especially among historically disinvested populations. We believe that entrepreneurship can be one pathway out of poverty. At the same time, we… View More

Non-profit Journalism As a Tool for Change

Over the last six months, I’ve had the chance to participate in two panels on non-profit journalism and philanthropy, in partnership with the Synergos’ Global Philanthropists Circle as well as the Philanthropy Workshop.   Last year, when I first connected with Peggy… View More

Innovation Initiatives

Over the past several years, the Federal government has been working with local communities across the country on a wide range of initiatives that support innovation and opportunity. Several of these initiatives are listed below along with links that offer more information. Many have existing communities of practice that are open for new participants to join.   Promoting Diverse… View More

Crowdsourcing: Practical Insights for Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Philanthropists

Crowdsourcing involves soliciting input from the public, usually on a digital platform, to address market gaps and surface promising solutions in an open, efficient way. It often has a voting component wherein the top-voted ideas win support. Crowdsourcing uses collective intelligence to help creative ideas rise to the top – while generating a real-time feedback loop and a shared sense of ownership in the… View More